Champernowne Trust - promoting emotional health through Jungian Psychotherapy and the Creative Arts since 1969

Providing courses that inform, nourish and inspire practitioners,

and affordable therapy  to those in need.

The Trust disseminates

the psychology and practice

of Dr C G Jung

 as interpreted in practice

by Irene Champernowne.


an exhibition at Sheffield University

 celebrating the inspiring life and creative legacy of Dr Irene Champernowne

The Power of Creativeness:

Champernowne, Withymead, Jung

23rd January - 25th June 2023

Western Bank Library, University of Sheffield, S10 2TN

Opening times: Monday—Friday 9am to 7pm Saturday—Sunday 12pm to 6pm

Irene Champernowne

"Everyone was to have the opportunity of experiencing personally, the integrating power of creativeness."

Irene Champernowne (1901-1976) was a leading psychotherapist in the UK, who promoted the integrating power of creativeness to improve mental health and whose vision was to make psychotherapy available to all. 

Influenced by Carl Jung’s psychoanalytic theories, Champernowne pioneered art therapy as a source of treatment which is still used in today’s therapeutic practices.  

The exhibition showcases some of Champernowne’s archive, donated by The Champernowne Trust, a charity who continue holding events and workshops, influenced by the powerful creative legacy which Champernowne has left.

Watch this video from Professor Brendan Stone  to learn more

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